1. Why should we focus on Quality?

When we are talking about quality is synonym of warranty, which is an additional value to our products and services that guarantee our clients a mutually beneficial deal.

Foamtex are convinced that for our clients, the price is one of the most important factors in "purchase".

Therefore, we ensure our products having best quality, so that their purchase won´t be an expense. Furthermore, it is an investment that can create huge efficiency by getting fine quality products.

2. Why we are your best option?
  • Excellent shipping time.
  • Our clients support us.
  • Quality.
  • Customer Service.
  • Since 1997 on the market.
  • A variety of products.
  • New technologies development
  • Innovation.
  • Wide know-how about related market.

3. What is EVA?

EVA is the acronym made from the initial letters of the main ingredients in our products: Ethylene, Vinyl and Acetate. EVA is the global name for this range of products that can vary in presentation, regarding smoothness, hardness, color, weight, etc, all this due to the different combinations of ingredient s and chemical reactions involved.

he product called ¨fomi o foamy¨, is just one of the varieties of EVA present in the market, and is widely used in handcrafts. Nevertheless, the uses and properties of EVA are very ample; therefore, “Foamy” is not the only EVA.

4. Why does the size of the sheets vary?

The dimensions of the sheets of each of our products can vary due to the expansion rate for each formula; therefore, we recommend you check the dimensions of the products you might be interested in.

5. How is hardness determined?

We recommend performing the hardness avoiding the warmest hours of the day. The best times to perform this test are 10:00 a.m and 6:00 p.m. In order to obtain the most reliable results in the hardness test, environmental temperature should be between 24º and 27º C.

6. Why are there variations in the color matching?

Like in the domestic paints and edible paint industry, our color matching is done with a maximum effort striving to cover your demands and fulfill your needs. However due to natural reasons the colorant sources are constantly changing, and this fact can produce slight variations in our color tones.

7. Which are the tolerance values for our products?

EVA is a product that comes from chemical reactions therefore some factors, such as, environmental conditions, temperature, humidity, etc, can affect the production process. Due to this, some tolerance values should be considered, they are mentioned as follows:

Hardness: + / - 3 º ASKER C
Dimensions: + / - 5cm
Calibration: + / - 0.3mm

8. ¿Qué es Asker C , Shore A y Shore C ?

The hardness test determines the resistance of the material to denting. Different kinds of product, classified by the material they are made off, are organized in different standards in order to achieve a fair comparison.

Asker C: To measure soft thermoplastic materials or expansos.
Shore A: To measure regular materials made of soft rubber..
Shore C: To measure materials made with hard rubber, or hard surface materials.

9. What the SGS institution is?

SGS is a company renamed and recognized worldwide for verification services, inspection, testing and certification in the areas of safety, quality, productivity and risk reduced products. This neutral stance company has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and offices worldwide.