This classic formula can be presented in a wide range of hardness, from which the client can select the one that is best suited for his manufacturing needs. We offer the product in sheets and rolls. For more physical information on the range of hardness. Please check the EVA list.

Uses of EVA

EVA is involved in our daily life.

Use that can be given to the EVA is varied, in small applications for furniture; in the shoe industry for bonding and cushioning; and in the automotive industry. It is used in the making of protective equipment for children and youngsters for the practice of sports such as, football, horseback riding and martial arts. It is also used to make our life warm and quiet, when used as thermo and acoustic isolator.

Construction: Thanks to its structural memory (Going back to its original shape) it works as a cushion between concrete blocks that might be subject to movement, contraction or expansion on bridges and highways. It also works as waterproofing and acoustic isolator.

Packaging and Packaging: To protect sensitive medical equipment, electronics, glass, auto parts and others.

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