Foamtex FOAMTEX born in 1997 in the city of Leon, Guanajuato, initially as a small company, over the years, technology and dedication of all workers has strengthened the company, in a start today we jointly leading the industry leaders expansos materials chemistry.

¿What we do?

Foamtex In Foamtex we develop cutting edge products and technologies that allow our clients to grow, to create, to innovate and to be competitive.

We put in practice all our knowledge along with our experience and capacity, to convert thermoplastic materials into engineering solutions for parts and components, containers and final products.

We are dedicated in an exclusive way to the production of expanded materials from the pellets to the final sheets, all this based on a polymer composed mainly by ethylene, vinyl and acetate, which is where the name EVA comes from.

Environmental Issues

Foamtex We are a company that is committed to the environment. The respect for our natural surroundings is an important part of our work philosophy. We develop the necessary processes for the recycling and treatment of wastes, and if there is any kind of waste that we can not process internally, we make sure it is sent to companies that are specialized in the handling of specific wastes.

In Foamtex we do not just worry about the environment, we do everything that is in our hands to keep it healthy and to make sure we live in harmony with it.